Gas Turbines

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   011455    134MW Gas turbine generator 11.5kV, 50Hz. Make: Hitachi (=MHPS )(Japan)/Siemens(Germany) (Hitachi and Mitsubishi were merged in 2013.The name of Hitachi was changed into MHPS.) Efficiency: 34.8% LHV Heat rate: 10350 kJ/kWh Heat rate: 9806 Btu/kWh Currently dismantled and stored for shipment.  Unused, Manufacturing year: September/2011. Commissioned year: January/2012. Never put in Operation.
  021479   1Westinghouse Siemens W251B11A gas turbine 50Hz. and spare parts for immediately sale. You can purchase gas turbine package or core engine or spare parts or balance of gas turbine. More information is available for qualified buyersIt has almost at zero hr after overhaul. Well preserved with OEM guidelines since shut down several years ago. 
 031490 2        Taurus 60 gas turbine generator set consists of an axial-flow gas turbine engine, generator, and reduction-drive gearbox. These components are installed in-line on a heavy-steel base frame skid. The skid is a structural steel assembly with beam sections and cross members. • 5670 kW each • Gas Turbine Dual Fuel (gas or liquid) • Voltage: 4160V (60Hz) • Year: 2013 • 3 Phase • Turbotronic 4 Control System • Speed 14951 rpm (60 Hz) • Compression Ratio 12.2:1 • Reduction gear to Kato generator • Inlet and exhaust ducting electric motor starting system. The units are marine based, so they have stainless oil coolers mounted on top of the enclosure.  Year: 2013 They were designed for a rig so they configure them this way so they have a small footprint on the rig. These units are available immediately for delivery in original packaging, un-used.
 04141061Brand new Siemens SGT600 gas turbine generator. Date of production: 2007 Power: 25 MW Frequency: 50 Hz Fuel type: dual natural gas + diesel Zero hour brand new, never used Location: EuropeBrand new, never used
 0514105 4Six (4) GE TM2500 Gen 4 Trailer Mounted Gas Turbine Generator Sets.
a. 4 x Units ex-works Refurb Facility.
b. 1 x Special Tools and Training.
 06141056Six (6) GE TM2500 Gen 6 Trailer Mounted Gas Turbine Gen. Sets
a. 6 x Units ex-works Refurb Facility.
b. 1 x Special Tools and Training.
 0714105 8Eight (8) New GE TM 2500 Gas Turbine Generators Plus (Mobile) 35MW, 60HZ, 13.8KV, 3 Phase, (Dual Fuel) Can run on Natural Gas or Diesel Trailer Mounted Gas Turbine Generators  available for immediate sale (Houston Texas) available for immediate delivery (Subject to prior sale) Units can also be used as 60HZ or 50HZ). The Trailer Mounted units are ideal as are designed for quick deployment, can be installed in less than a week if all infrastructure are in place.New
  081455     1Solar titan 130 Turbine package, 11M, 50HZ. 1.1 Turbine engine   Manufacturer : Solar Titan Inc   Model: Titan 130/TBM-T130  Type/Model:T19501S  Capacity: 11.840KW  Speed: 11215 RPM continual  Fuel: Natural gas with input press 1.2  Reduction gearbox  Type Allen Gears/S Epicycle   Output RPM 1500 1.3 Generator   Manufacturer Leroy Somer  Type/Model :LSA 58 BMCL 14.4P  Frequency 50Hz  Voltage 5.25 KV  Power 14,800 KVA PF =0.8  Speed: 1500 Year: 2005 Please advise your interestOperating hrs: 15,500, Year:  2005
  09147333 new SGT 400 mobiles 60Hz These units were destined for export outside of USA.  Packager: Siemens Year:2013 Hours:0 Housed:Yes Skidded:Yes Condition Details:New Surplus Units Crated Ready To Go. Units Available:3 Connection Status:Disconnected Warranty:Yes Warranty Details:Warranty Options available. Generator Info Generator Make: Siemens Electric Capacity:12900 kW Hertz:60 Hz Volts:4.16V Phases:3 Phase Driver Info Driver Types:Natural Gas Driver Make:Siemens Driver Model:SGT-400 Max HP:17300 hp Rated RPM:1800 RPMThese units were destined for export outside of USA. Year:2013  
    101473  1LM6000 PC Turbine and Generator set. Stored under log-term storage as per GE recommendations. The preservation of bearings of turbine was done monthly (for 10 years).There is all records of maintenance. GENERAL ELECTRIC GAS TURBINEAERODETIVE GAS TURBINEMODEL: LM 6000 PC-SPRINTPLANT MODE: 60 MW,50 Hz , 11,5 kVSingle ModeRun Time: 0Start Time: 0Fuel Type : Natural Gasnew (2008 model but unused).
 1014901180Mw power plant, dual fuel, 50 or 60hz, assembled with 3 x 60Mw Swift Pack FT8 gas turbines, and complete auxiliaries to work.YOM 2008,
400 h used only
Still installed with std maintenance