Power Plants

We are able to supply following Complete Engine as follows:


We have 89 Caterpillar Engines to sale, which are all in running condition.

Please have the highlights on the specifications as below;

Engine Brand: Caterpillar
Model: 3512B
Capacity: 1056 KW Capacity (Continuous) and 1200 KW (Prime)
Fuel: HSD (Diesel)
RPM: 1500
Alternator Capacity: 1714 kVA
Voltage: 600V
Frequency: 50Hz
Manufacturing Year: 2008~09
Accessories: Radiator, Control Panel, Silencer, Breaker.
Min Quantity: 20 units
Quantity: 89 nos. ready stock.
Status: Overhauled and in Operational (Average running hour 13000~16000).
Packing: Can be done after performance test.
Delivery time & Place: Any time after checking from Site.
Performance Check: Can be run on Island Mode at site.
Plant:  100MW Power Plant, KPI area of 210MW BPDB Power Plant,