Power Plants

Power plants offer are under the caption: Biomass Power Plants, Co-Generation Plants, Coal-Fired Power Plants, Combined Cycle Plants, Diesel Fuel Power plants, Gas-Fired Power Plants, and Heavy Fuel Oils (HFO) Power Plants.

The following are some great Offers currently on demand and just arrived:

Reference # 011408

We are pleased to offer subject unsold or market withdrawal 2 units SGT-800, 56MW. NEW, YOM2020/21, with full warranty.
Contact us for further details.


Reference # 021408

Please consider the below for sale. 2 of each available, New Surplus.  ·  Two (2) x Siemens SGT-A65, 64 MW each, Dual Fuel and Dual Frequency, Stationary


Reference # 031408

·  Two (2) x Siemens SGT-A45, 44 MW each, Dual Fuel and Dual Frequency, Mobile New Siemens A45 units with  OEM Warranty.   45 MW Each, 50/60 Hz, Dual fuel. With up to 44 MW of electrical output, it offers significantly more power and higher efficiency than any other mobile gas turbine.


Reference# 041455

FOR SALE 2 Unused YOM 2008, Frame 7EA – Dual Fuel, 84.5Mw/60 Hz 60 Hz generator frequency – Generator voltage 13.8 kV NEVER INSTALLED New Surplus GE Frame 7EA : Natural Gas Fired. General Electric Frame 7EQ/ Model PG7121.Heat Rate: 10,430 BTU/KWH/ ISO. Water Injection DRY LOW NOX Combustion ( “Intra-Spray”-on Air Inlet). · Gas Turbine Alternators: -TEWAC Totally enclosed water to air cooled. 60 Hz/ 13.8 KV/ 0.95 Power Factor Capable. Year of manufacture- ordered 2008 Delivered 2009. All standard General Electric Frame 7 EA Specifications with “Winterization” package. Limited warranty- 18 months, 12,000 Hours-500 Starts- whichever occurs first. Please note – unit is “tagged” all maintenance performed via GE long term storage “parameters”- I/E- Space heaters, rotated periodically, humidity recovery system, etc. Please contact us for further details.


For Sale Unused SGT500 19mw, 60Hz (Liquid Fuel including HFO) SGT500 Generator set, the Year 2016, Output 19MW, 60HZ. Dual fuel. This was a specially designed unit to burn Liquid fuel, including HFO and other cheap fuels. 13800 Volts. Condition Unused since new. If interested, please contact us for a scope of supply and performance data, etc.