Co-generation Plants

Item # 012379

1 x 95 MW Wartsila 12 x 20V34SG n.gas complete CHP power plant. 50Hz.
Power plant can be split into two parts: 6 x 8.7 MW as CHP and 6 x 6.9MW as simple cycle. Let us know if you have more questions. It is in excellent condition. Engines YOM are 2006, 2008 and 2009. 50hz and n.gas. 30k – 48k running hrs since new. It was shut down in Dec 2016.

Item # 022379

34MW Wartsila complete co-generation Power Plant for immediately sale. 4 units, Natural gas, 50hz. Still under power and can be test run. 60k operational hours. Overhaul maintenance is underway.

Item # 032379

2 x Solar Mars 100 complete co-generation plant. 50 Hz.  Gas Turbine 10 MW. SIEMENS  1 DU 474-4 MC 02-07 GENERATOR  13.375 KVA, HRSG (DESA Brand 23 T/H, 210 C,18 BARa, SIEMENS BRAND MV CIRCUIT BRAKERS, MEASUREMENT AND EARTING BOARDS. overhauled zero hr. units. Manufacturing year 1996.

Item # 042379

8MW complete Solar Taurus T70 complete co-generation power plant, low hours.  Under power. 50hz. Overall, it is in perfect condition. Only 10.770 running hours since new! YOM is 2011.