Power Accessories

   ID Code   Quantity                            Description
 013497          3
 Cladhan Compressor Package for sale with RR Trent  Rolls Royce Cladhan Compressor Package and welcome any offers or expressions of interest.  Available in the UK and includes the RR Trent Engine. Price Ex-Works UK is Pounds Sterling £1.975 Million
  023487 High Pressure Underground Aluminium Cable.
We can develop for sale some Surplus Cable as enclosed and attached
Hersatene® cables are for use in the distribution of medium voltage power in fixed indoor and outdoor installations, in air or buried in the ground. Their design includes a cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) insulation and sheath that may vary depending on customer requirements: polyethylene (PE), halogen-free thermoplastic polyolefin (Z1) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC).
102 drums 1 x 185mm 147554 metres
27 drums 1 x 240mm 49997 metres
Total 129 drums , total metres 197551
Location Spain. Further info on request