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Liquid Fuel

Three (3) units LM2500PC, SAC, Turbans, 20 mw 3600 RPM base rated at ISO condition.

The LM2500 can be set up without any modification to run at 3000 RPM output, 50 hz without reduction gearbox. They are currently set up for liquid fuel, but can be converted to gas or dual fuel: gas/liquid fuel if required. Engines are in GE multi purpose enclosure and mounting base. They have flexcoupling and a outgoing drive shafts for generator, pipeline compressor, gear etc.

In addition to the engines and modules, are two service containers with railsystem, fixtures, lifting equipment to remove and reinstall the engines in the modules.

Also workshop dollies, two for the complete engine, two dollies for power turbine and one dolly for hotsection. Additional equipment: three electronic controlsystems GE FRSE, junction boxes, hydraulic starters, fuel filters, fuel pumps, lube oil filter/coolers.

In addition, a smaller inventory of service parts such as some fuelnozzles, manifolds, o-rings, gaskets, filters, fasteners etc.

Package deal for engines and the other LM2500 equipment can be discussed.


Have low running hours (1200-2100 from new or major service) and are in excellent condition.

The engines are properly preserved and maintained on a regular basis. Recent boroscope reports are availble upon request.