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     011980       1 220 MW power barge offered for sale. The barge is ready for immediate relocation. As is where is subject to prior sale. Further details and price on request.The Function of Barge is to contain and deliver 1(one) combined cycle barge mounted floating power plant of nominal net capacity 220 MW, consisting of 4(four) Once Through Steam Generator (OSTG), 1(one) steam turbine generator (STG), 4(four) combustion gas turbine generators and auxiliary equipment condensers, chilling system forair intake and the remaining balance of plant. The basic design is to include the barge and the connections to the mooring system, together with the power plant equipment. Design data of the bargea) Barge size (length x wide x depth) : 106m x 55.2m x 6mb) Barge draft for towing: 2.4 m (Normal operation 3.4m)c) Total barge weight: 13,900tonnes (barge itself including steam turbine hall, control building and above deck foundations: approximate 6,000 tonnes)
Power Barge: 55MW
• 10 X Wartsila Vasa 18V32D
• 5800 kW each.
• 720 rpm
• Average running hours: 83,000
• Maintenance intervals based on running hours:
– 3,500
– 7,000
– 10,500
– 14,000 overhaul
Manufacturer and Design:
• Ship Yard, 1992
• Hull No.: 29x
• Deck Cargo Barge
• Length: 78.1812 m
• Breadth: 23.1648 m
• Depth: 4.2672 m
• Tonnage Gross: 2306
• Hull Inspections annually by ABS.