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Power Plants

In making inquiry to purchase any of the published power plants that we offer or you would like to source from us, we would like to know some  details about your project.

It would be helpful if you can provide us the following information : equipment require, the name of your company or end user. Phone number, Project Location, Closing date for offer, Base Load (Continuous Operation) or Stand-by, site ambient conditions, humidity, Meters Above Sea Level, capacity (MW), voltage, cycle (Hz), fuel to be used, and any other relevant information that will help in providing you the unit(s) you seek .

Do not send us a long shopping  list of equipment from our website requesting offers and details from us for all these units. There will be no response to such lengthy inquiries from us.

You may check on the sub heading under this parent heading for the current plants we have to offer. However, this list is not mutually exclusive. If you do not find the unit(s) you are looking for here, let us know what you are looking for, we will check our inventory or our providers to source the unit(s) for you.

Here are some units that may be of interest, Posted on March 19 th:


We are pleased to offer herewith list of Used Power Plants available for immediate sale in various countries. Let us know if interested in any. You may contact us for further details.

Important: Seller want to negotiate deal direct with end buyers.

  1. Nat gasfired, 33 MW, “Heat and power”. ABB/Siemens *
  2. Two plants: Nat gasfired, each 65 MW (Total 2 x 65MW-130MW), Heat and power: ABB/Siemens.
  3. Two natural gas fired power plants, BBC/Babcock/General Electrics, each 90 MW (Total 2 x 90MW-180MW), combined cycles, still operating.
  4. Hard coal/oil/fired 55 MW,BBC/Alsthom,
  5. Hard coal/oil/gasfired, 66 MW, BBC-Alsthom,
  6. Hard coal/oil/biogenicfuelsl fired, 176 MW, Heat and power.
  7. Hard Coalfired, Babcock 330 MW,Babcock/BBC/Siemens, operating up to Feb 2018 offered as scrap
  8. Hard coalfired, 400 MW, Siemens,
  9. Hard coalfired 620 MW, Siemens-Stein muller, still operating,
  10. Hard coalfired 710 MW, new 1982/85 Siemens.
  11. Hard coalfired 800 MW brand new, Siemens-Alsthom, installed but not used
  12. Oiland natural gas fired, 120 MW, Siemens.
  13. Oiland natural gas fired 164 MW, Siemens.
  14. Nat gasfired 850 MWCombined Cycles, new 2013, efficiency 57.7 % Siemens,
  15. still operating.Complete modern air purification unit, consisting of electrostatic precipitator (ESP), desulphurization and denitrification (SCR),
  16. Many single machinery partsof power plants.

* 330 MW Hard Coal Power Plant – SCOPE OF SUPPLY

  1. Four coal mills “Babcock”
  2. Boiler “Babcock-Benson” 1050/900 t/h, fired by hard coal, 130 t/h,
  3. Turbine “BBC-Alsthom”, 345 MW gross capacity, HD/MD/ND,
  4. Generator “BBC-Alsthom”, 400 MVA,
  5. Transformator “Lepper” 400 MVA,
  6. Chimney “Heitkamp”, – cancelled/deleted
  7. Electrostatic Precipitator “Babcock”
  8. Flue Gas desulphurization unit “REA Bischoff”, incl. limestone treatment plant and water
    treatment plant, final product gypsum,
  9. Denitrogenization system “DENOX-“Steinmüller”, capacity 90 %,
  10. Control system “Siemens TXP”,
  11. Coal – and ash handling equipment (discharging system, conveyors etc),
  12. All spares as far as they are stocked in the area of the power plant