Gas and Duel Fuel Plants

Item # 012590

3 Units TM 2500 We have available, subject to prior sale: New GE, Never installed std TM 2500 G7 sets, ISO, 30Mw/50hz,* 3 ea. never installed GE Mobil sets TM 2500 G7, 30 MW EA50 or 60 hz Scope on request: Dual Fuel, Warranty till June. Warranty Can be extended for $360 k a year Availability. Equipment is available for immediate delivery. Unit 1–SN XXXXXXX; Original RTS Date: 2014. Unit 2–SN XXXXXXX; Original RTS Date: 2014. Unit 3–SN XXXXXXX; Original RTS Date: 2014. *Cost USD15.00 MM each

Item # 022505

2 units of GE 7EA Combustion Turbines (PG 7121) 60 Hz. Fuel:Dual Liquid Fuel, can be converted to Natural Gas. Output: 85 MW Each (ISO). Heat Rate:10,430 Btu/kWh. Output:85, 100Kwh, ISO base load Duel Liquid Fuel – crude (primary and Distillate (Back-up)Including delivered auxiliaries. KEY COMPONENTS AND TECHNICAL SPECS. Equipment: OEM and/or model: Gas Turbine – 2 GE 7EA PG7121 turbine utilizing water injection NOX. Combustion Technology – single noel combustion system. Gas Turbine –TEWAC. Generators – Totally enclosed water to air cooled. 60 Hz, 8 Kv, 95 Power Factor Capable. New & Unused

Item # 032565

JENBACHER NATURAL GAS POWER PLANT of 21,6 Mwe -YOM 12/1998-Commissioning: 5 units in 2000, 1 unit in 2009,1 unit in 2010 and 1 unit in 2011- 8 units JENBACHER JMS 620 G of 2,7 Mwe-total effective electric outpu: 21,7 Mw. JENBACHER maintenance – history: Running hours: 5 units between 38000 and 40000 hours, 1 unit 3700 hours, 1unit 6200 hours and 1 unit 7200 hours.

Item # 042579

60MW Wartsila Simple Cycle Natural gas Complete Power Plan
6 sets, Engine: 20V34SG, Alternator: DIG167
Single fuel natural gas, 50hz.
Still under power and can be inspected anytime for a test run. Year of manufacture: 2010Has only around18k operational hours!

Item # 052579 

1 x GE LM6000 duel fuel, Single Package, 50Hz. complete turbine package for immediate sale. Dismantled and Ready for inspection. In very good condition

Item # 062580

8 Units  of  25MW, P&W  MOBILE PACK   DUAL FUEL, 50/60 Hz AT

Item # 072555 

GAS TURBINE GENERATOR SET: 100MW x 5 units Fuel: LNGBuild in: 1995, stopped operation: June 013. Gas Turbines Model Name: W501D5Type: Axial Flow Power Output:100,000 kW(100MW) 2. Generators  Manufacturer: WESTINGHOUSE(SIEMENS) Type: OAC(Open-Air-Cooled). Rated Power:129 (143) MW(MVA)Power Factor/short-circuit ratio: 90%/0.695. Frequency: 60Hz/2pole, Speed: 3600 RPMRated Voltage/Current:13.8 kV/5731 A Insulation, Class: F, Bus Bar: IPB(3phases)Rotation Direction: CW(Viewed Form Exciter end). Operation hours Gas Turbine 37,000 – 40,000 hours, Operation hours from overhaul to stop gas turbine 15,000-18,000 hours.