Power Barge

Ref# 011904
We wish to offer this 110 MW Power Barge as per the following details, overhauling, and operating history. One (1) 110 MW, engine-based (gas and HFO fired)  Power Barge, available for sale with immediate delivery.               Introduction
The Power Plant is a 110 MW HFO/ GAS Generator based power plant, commenced commercial operation in June 1999, and generates power through eight units of Wartsila Vaasa diesel engines which carries a capacity of 16.3MW each unit.   The Power Plant has been constructed on a floating barge.                      
Power Plant
The Power Barge entered commercial operation in June 1999 has a capacity of 130 MW with a PPA contracted output of 110MW. The power barge was constructed in China with 8 Units of dual-fueled Wartsila Engine Generator Sets as prime movers, which fire on both Heavy Fuel Oil and as well Compressed Natural Gas (“CNG”) to generate electricity through shaft connected to an ABB generator through 500 rpm speed. Electricity,15kV at 50Hz, generated by the 8 Units of Wartsila Engine, ABB Generator is delivered to 2 ABB Main Step-up Transformers on board of the barge.