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Engines New and Use for generators and marine use.

You may make inquiries for the following engines for Marine purpose or for electrical generation equipment: WARTSILA , SULZE ,  MAK , DEUTZ, MAN B&W, PIELSTICK , STORK WERKSPOOR, BERGEN, NOHAB  POLAR, DAIHATSU, ABC, BLACKSTONE, MTU, CATERPILLAR , YANMAR, SKL, CUMMINS , WICHMAN, GENERAL ELECTRIC  LM2500, RUSTON, MITS UBISHI and JENBACHE.

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Unused 1600kW Emergency Diesel Catapillar Generator  6set+1825kWx1set    Type: Package type Quantity:50HZ(6units) /60HZ(1unit) Catapillar Model:3516B, 1600kW Volt:6600V                (Engine)                                    No. of Cylinders :16 Alignment: V                  Cycle:4-Stroke                Cooling Method:Water-cooled.                       Fuel:Diesel, Speed:1‘500 rpm Bore:170.00 mm     Stroke:190.00 mm    Displacement:69.00 L Compression Ratio:14.0:1Aspiration:Turbo after cooler                            Fuel System:Electronic unit injection, Jacket Water heaters:220 V / 9 kW Starting Motor:24 V / 7 kW     Battery Type:153-5700   (Generator)  Make:Caterpillar        Year:2011                       1600kW          Frequency:50HZ   Volt:6600V                 Excitation: Permanent Magnet or AREP           Number of Poles:4       Number of Bearings:Single Bearing. Number of Leads:6Insulation:Class HIP Rating:IP23                   Nominal Speed:1’500 rpm   Over Speed capability:150 % Wave form Deviation (Line to Line):2 %                      Voltage Regulator:3 Phase sensing with selectible volts/Hz                             Voltage regulation:Less than ± ½% (steady state) Less than ± 1% (no load to full load)Telephone Influence Factor (TIF):Less than 50 Total Harmonic Distortion (THD):Less than 5%     (Packag (Dimensions) Engine: Length x Width x Height:3‘292 x 1‘930 x 1‘511 mm.Weight:7’935 kg Generator: Length x Width x Height                                     2’061 x 1’380 x 1’759 mm   Weight:3’945 kg          Radiator: Length x Width x Height                                    1’900 x 2’588 x 3’051 mm   Dry Weight:884 kg Complete: Length x Width x Height: 6’264 x 2’588 x 3’051mm               Weight:13’264 kg    






Unused – minimum 2 sets. Year: 2011